Our Newest Employee – Clayton

We are proud to announce our newest employee to Magna Dental-Clayton Cummins!

Who’s that new face at the front desk and around the office that looks familiar??? Who is Dr. Keith’s shadow? Yep, you guessed it, his middle son “Clayton!” Clayton is at the front desk meeting patients, answering phones, stocking dental supplies, cleaning rooms, you name it. This is so very important for his future goal of being a dentist with his father. When we bought the Magna Bank building¬†we had a larger purpose for it in mind. We knew it would allow space for our sons if they wanted to become dentist. The Magna Dental building was remodeled with plenty room for growth in mind for its future.

We feel the best experience for Clay while attending University of Illinois Springfield Pre-Dental is for real hands on experience. We hope and pray that he is able to achieve his educational goals. Please welcome him into our dental family at Magna Dental!

Clay has numerous, numerous interest. He has been a book reading fact loving kid since he could read. He truly shares the love of the great outdoors with his father. His interest include falconry, wood carving, birds, blacksmithing, metal working, and hunting. Clay thrives on good conversation, again, like his dad! Please take time to visit with him at your next dental appointment.

I am happy to say with owning a family owned dental practice we have had the pleasure of providing dentistry to our patients and their families since Keith graduated from dental school. With this, some patients remember Clayton as that blond haired little boy running down the hallway in his diaper and bottle in hand and toys scattered everywhere at the little office we had on Carpenter street! Looking back, I don’t know how Keith and I did it. We had kids and patients crammed everywhere in that little building. We are truly blessed.

Dentistry obviously made an impact on our boys then and now pushing them to follow in the fathers footsteps.