Building History

The Magna Bank Building


As the practice continued to grow, so did the demands of the schedule. Dr. Keith decided to increase the availability and scope of services by moving in 2015 to a new location at 1825 S. 6th Street in the old Magna Bank building, hence the new name, Magna Dental. A team of friends and family helped renovate the space and convert it into the spectacular offices you know today!

What was here before?

Magna Bank

How did you come up with the name?

One and a half years of thought, and it was the previous company’s name, Magna Bank

Is the vault still there?

Yes, in the basement

How long did it take to remodel?

2 years

How many safety deposit boxes are there?


How many vaults?


Is it haunted?


Was it filled full of furniture before the remodel?


Have you found anything during the remodel?


Does the vault door still work?


Do people still try to make deposits?


How big is the building?

11,000 square feet, and every inch was remodeled